In Chronological Order

In Search of Truth – a beginning

Reconstruction: An Introduction – binaries, Derrida, and a slightly incoherent response

Fear – Donald Trump’s election

Urging Restraint and Social Justice Norms – Donald Trump, sj party orthodoxy, and why privilege is often used in harmful ways

A Love Letter to Girlfags – a guide to questioning your gender and trans politics

Beowulf Was Amazing – what’s not to love about Beowulf?

More Awesome Things About Beowulf – seriously, what isn’t to love about Beowulf?

Scrupulosity, Objectification, and Trans Obsession, Part 1: In Defense of Chasers – the trans community’s current state, Scott Aaronson, and objectification in general

But What About Teh Menz: An Intersectional Analysis of Misandry, Men’s Rights, and Feminism – the patriarchy hurts men (it hurts women too)

Intellectual Turing Test: A Reflection – Ozy hosted a contest on their blog about sj and I participated!

Addressing Antifa – I talk in circles about antifascism’s problems and the way that they can be fixed.

Responding to Acts of Evil: Proportionality and Necessity – a different method of countering and opposing fascism as well as a framework of moral responses.

Resolving Utilitarianism – I explain a system of utilitarian values, with agency, human values, and hedons.

Girlfags Again: Reflection and Response – a reflection on Jack Molay’s response to my girlfags post and a request to be contacted about how I can better aid detransitioners

Against Lisa Millbank on Separatism and Men – I explain why political separatism is a bad idea and how men need to be included in feminism.

“The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House”: Hegel, Moloch, and Holistic Feminism – Maintaining differences while also attaining community and solidarity accommodating them is essential to creating social justice and inclusivity.