In Search of Truth

Dear reader—

I hope to establish a rationality-based corpus regarding gender, social justice, and in general the present-day. I shall endeavor to avoid certain pitfalls of social justice blogging and to help create a healthier culture around social justice.

In general, I have an intersectional perspective on feminism, like everyone else and their dog. But I’m trying to include not only race but also neurodivergence, sex binaries, and men’s issues in my blog as well.

I’d also like to have a comprehensible, non-condescending explanation of “Trans 101”, the associated vocabulary, and perhaps some of the gender theory behind it. I am both willing and extremely interested in dialogues with people who disagree with social justice and trans issues in particular.

Comments should, however, should be made based on the guidelines of Scott Alexander’s blog here, and I will remove comments at my own discretion.

I’ll update probably every weekend at least, and perhaps sooner or more if I can.

Thanks, and see you soon!

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